• Speed with Commitment

    Better and Committed Speeds at affordable prices.

    Committed Speed at Low Prices. Enjoy ligthening fast speed Internet. Just for ₹ 1300.00

  • Domestic Broadband

    Unbeatable Service at affordable prices. Plug-n-Play

    Hi-Speed broadband at low costs. Multiple services with a single cable. Enjoy ligthening fast speed Internet. Starting from ₹ 399.00

  • Commercial Broadband

    Prioritized bandwidth to ensure Quality of Service. Flexible Packages.

    We understand the needs of a Business. We created the plans according to their needs. Plans according to their needs - Uploads, VOIP Calls, CCTV, etc.

  • Leased Lines

    Service with state of art technology. Round the clock service in critical times.

    Vaishnavi Online (Balaji Online) high capacity Internet connection, you can do more in less time every day. Whether your business is Internet-based or simply needs reliable Internet access, Vaishnavi Online (Balaji Online) can meet your needs for value and performance.

  • Gated Communities

    Telephony, Internet, Television, Security Solutions. One-stop-shop.

    We have complete expertise to provide complete Digital Cable TV, IP TV, Telephone and Internet services, along with Security Systems.

Technical Support

Easy Troubleshooting

With our plug-n-play technology, it is easy to a user to troubleshoot the connection problems. We've expertise to provide better support at all the time.

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Leased Lines Support

Expertise & Dedicated Team

The only organization with expert team as it's partners. Providing dedicated 24/7 support to Leased Line customers. The only service provider working for the customer.

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Grow with us

Ever growing network

We are in a mission. Our goal is to provide Hi-speed internet to the rural areas. It is a better oprtunity to MSO's and operators to join us and grow with us.

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Limitless potential online

Vaishnavi Online (Balaji Online) delivers a next-generation future-proof network, enabling limitless possibilities for your business online.

By taking fibre all the way to your building you gain access to a faster, more consistent and dependable connection. No interruption, no restrictions, no equal.

Our business broadband is backed by service level agreements to ensure your business stays connected.

  • Effortlessly keep multiple users connected.
  • Transfer large files quickly with consistently fast uploads - No throttiling & No Contention.
  • 100% Target Service Availability.
  • 24/7 real-time network monitoring and business support.

What can you expect?

  • Affordable Packages

    Broadband packages starting from ₹ 400. We design package by giving priority to common people.

  • Assistance in Securing Your PC

    We are providing Free antivirus to protect your PC or Laptop. We provide assistance to secure your PC or Laptop. We also provide tools to protect your machine from Malwares.

  • Better Service

    We assure you better service by our expert technicians. Response time for a complaint will be as low as 10 Min Max time for resolving an issue is 4hrs depending on the severity of the problem.