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We want our customers to enjoy surfing the internet and Usage Policy is there to make sure our customers have the best experience possible. We also want to make sure everyone gets the experience from their chosen price plan.

Under our usage policy, data transfer limits of the plans are not changed; the data transfer limits remain as is. (e.g. an unlimited plan will continue as an unlimited plan). Post consuming a certain amount of GB/MB on the plan you have, the speeds will be rationalized.

The level of usage after which the speed would be rationalized varies from plan to plan and the details of these levels are mentioned along with the plan itself. The speed of the network also varies depending on the availability of the network during that time and the number of subscribers who are latched onto the network at that point of time..

Package Speed Data Limit Post FUP Half -Yearly Yearly
BOF Cool 10 Mbps 80 GB 1 Mbps ₹ 2832.00 ₹ 5232.00
BOF Slick 30 Mbps 200 GB 2 Mbps ₹ 4248.00 ₹ 7848.00
BOF Smooth 50 Mbps 300 GB 3 Mbps ₹ 5310.00 ₹ 9810.00
BOF Silk 70 Mbps 400 GB 4 Mbps ₹ 7080.00 ₹ 13080.00
Package Speed Data Limit Post FUP Quarterly Half-Yearly
BBU Basic 5 Mbps No limit 5 Mbps ₹ 5664.00 ₹ 10384.00
BBU Extra 10 Mbps No limit 10 Mbps ₹ 10620.00 ₹ 19470.00
BBF Vaible 30 Mbps 300 GB 2 Mbps ₹ 8850.00 ₹ 16225.00
BBF Doable 50 Mbps 400 GB 4 Mbps ₹ 14160.00 ₹ 25960.00
BBF Smooth 70 Mbps 500 GB 6 Mbps ₹ 19470.00 ₹ 35695.00
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Apart from the general Packages we provide customized package whcih suites your browsing needs. For more details about Leased Line and Broadband please contact us.

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We are most value option to our customers. Some of the honarable customers are

After using the service of many broadband providers, I setteled with Vaishnavi Online (Balaji Online). It’s the best Service provider in Warangal.

— Srinivas Reddy

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